Vitruvian Visions: A memorable night at the Night of Architecture Studios

On May 30th, our team at Razvan Barsan + Partners had the honor of participating in the Night of Architecture Offices, part of Romanian Design Week. This event promotes the creative industries, with a focus on architecture studios in Bucharest.

Our theme was “Vitruvian Visions,” reimagining the Vitruvian Man in the Metaverse. This fusion represented balance and proportion, key principles of classical architecture, in a digital context.

We started with a talk about Vitruvius’ principles and how utility, beauty, and durability guide our designs. We introduced the Metaverse as our new playground with endless creative possibilities, showing how these timeless principles can be applied in modern, innovative ways.

The highlight was our Metaverse World. Our team created stunning digital realms, guided by the Vitruvian Man:

  • Monarch: Inspired by nature’s beauty and symmetry, blending perfect proportions with natural landscapes.
  • 9999 Data Center: A futuristic world focused on durability and resilience, with structures designed to withstand extreme conditions.
  • 7777 Museum of Emotions: Dedicated to beauty and emotions, where buildings are art pieces meant to evoke strong feelings.

The Vitruvian Man led visitors through these immersive worlds, showing how classical principles can be applied in different contexts. Our animations brought these digital environments to life, offering an interactive experience.

The entire team, including Razvan Barsan and Lorena Gheorghiu Barsan, attended the party. We discussed our recent projects and connected with colleagues, friends, and the public. It was a night full of inspiration, creativity, and innovation, opening new horizons for the future.

This experience showcased our firm’s creativity and innovation. Participating in the Night of Architecture Offices was a wonderful opportunity to share our vision with the world.