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Razvan Barsan + Partners is a leading global architecture firm based in Bucharest, Romania. Our group of architects, renderers, interior designers, and project managers push for innovation, and value creation in search of making better cities. We specialize in designing projects that inspire. From concept to execution, we excel in architectural services, including planning, B.I.M., 3D modeling, rendering, and visualization.

more than architecture…

The history of our architecture firm was punctuated twenty years ago by Razvan Barsan, who has shaped the company into what it is today. Immediately from the beginning, RBP placed itself among the types of companies engaging in progressive architecture. Today, we are known for our courage to challenge norms, crafting spaces that defy convention. 

Our philosophy focuses on delivering architecture and design services that are innovative and sustainable, transcending traditional limits to unite communities. Each project reflects our commitment to understanding client needs and societal contexts, empowering our client’s ambitions, and creating memorable experiences.

We aim to create enduring spaces that embrace environmental impact and social and economic platforms, positioning us as agents of positive change. Success hinges on the alignment of ideas, collaboration, communication, and energy within our team.

Looking forward, we envision a future where architecture blends artistry, functionality, and environmental consciousness, transcending boundaries through collaboration and innovation.

At Razvan Barsan + Partners, we invite you to be part of a community where architecture is a calling—a commitment to crafting spaces that inspire, uplift, and shape the world. Let’s create the spaces of your future together.



At Razvan Barsan + Partners you will experience the art of concept design development, where functionality, aesthetics, experimental architecture and interior design seamlessly intertwine. From private residences to grand public structures, our concept department is the epitome of creativity, bringing even the most imaginative ideas to life with flair and finesse.


At Razvan Barsan + Partners our team specialises in crafting strategic blueprints to bring your projects to life. From initial concept to detailed execution, we ensure every step is meticulously mapped out for success.


At Razvan Barsan + Partners we specialise in interdisciplinary design planning, ensuring seamless coordination between architecture, structure, MEP, and equipment design, for maximum project accuracy.


At Razvan Barsan + Partners we specialise in bringing elaborate architectural concepts, interiors, and landscapes to life through detailed 3D modelling. With precision at the forefront, we ensure accurate representations of limitless possibilities. 


At Razvan Barsan + Partners we specialise in creating high-quality images and videos using cutting-edge 3D enhancing technologies.


At Razvan Barsan + Partners we create marketing materials that captivate the public, showcasing your ongoing and rebranded projects through appealing and user-friendly plans, videos, images, and brochures. Our goal is to reach your target clients and make your real estate projects stand out.

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Răzvan Bârsan

CEO | Founder | Chairmain | Architect

Lorena Gheorghiu – Bârsan

COO | Partner | Architect | Designer

Alexandru Duca

Partner | Architect | Designer

Ștefania Păun

CFO | Manager | Partner

Ștefan Sterian

Partner | Architect | Project Manager

Eva Neniță

Partner | Architect | Project Manager

Alexandru Ilie

Partner | Value Engineering

Cătălin Filip

Partner | Architect | Project Manager

Ionuț Dochița

Partner | Architect | Project Manager

Ana Stoean

Architect | Design Concept | Rendering

Marselia Marț

PR & Community Manager I Marketing

Andrada Crăciun

Architect | Detailing

Mihaela Nan

Office Assistant

Angelita Maclang

Office Assistant

Andrei Ghiță

Architect | Design Concept | Detailing

Andreea Ologeanu

Architect | Project Manager

Alexandra Nicolaide

Social Media Specialist I Marketing

Adrian Leanca

Architect I Detailing

Cătălina Simion-Sterian

Designer | Project Manager

Delia Munteanu

Interior Designer

Simona Dinescu

Partner | Architect | Project Manager

Alexandru Cosma

Architect | CG Artist | Randering

Monica Crețu

Architect | Project Manager

Carmen Matei

Architect | Project Manager

Cristina Postu

Designer | Project Manager

Andreea Nețoi

Digital Marketing Specialist | IT

Andrei Moldovan

Architect | Project Manager

Liviu Elisei

Architect | Rendering

Other active colleagues

Other active colleagues: Lavinia Otelea, Ionel Pasmangiu, Oana Enescu, Claudiu Cîmpeanu, Alexandru Safca, Cosmin Voineag, Claudiu Ursu, Onutu Lohengrin, Claudiu Stere, Nicolae Brotea, Radu Stanescu, Stelian Nedelcu, Cristi Ghituleasa, Silviu Ulmeanu, Cristi Nastase, Florin Timofei…

Former colleagues

Former colleagues: Gabriel Petropol, Laurentiu Vlad, Iulia Sarbu, Anatol Struna, Daniela Popescu, Iulia Munteanu, Alexandra Dinca, Alexandra Fartais, Andreea Diaconu, Iulia Dorobantu, Alexandru Vasiliu, Anca Duculescu, Dana Tudor, Festi Stefania, Francesca Lazar, Vlad Vernica, Andreea Borcan, Alexandru Oprita, Alexandru Solomon, Samuel Dumitru, Razvan Hairum, Andrei Nicolae, Iulia Ghita, Mihail Banciu, Radu Rechiteanu, Dragos Nastase, Mirela Cristea, Molie Razvan, Alexandru Ionescu, Alexandra Antohi, Alina Neagu, Sergiu Ungureanu, Cristian Frunza, Violeta Andrei, Ioana Jitariu, Denisa Mirica, Alexandru Voinescu, Nicolae Aurelian, Cristian Coman, Robert Ilinoiu and OTHERS…

CHECK OUT OUR PORTFOLIO! Experience Extraordinary: Step into a world where creativity knows no limits Unleash Your Imagination: Don't settle for the ordinary. Dare to Dream: Let us bring your architectural visions to life! Rebel With Us: Join our tribe of rebel architects – apply now! More Than Architecture...
CHECK OUT OUR PORTFOLIO! Experience Extraordinary: Step into a world where creativity knows no limits Unleash Your Imagination: Don't settle for the ordinary. Dare to Dream: Let us bring your architectural visions to life! Rebel With Us: Join our tribe of rebel architects – apply now! More Than Architecture...



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