Razvan Barsan + Partners is among the top architecture firms in Romania, specializing in modern luxury architecture. Our architecture firm is renowned for innovative design. We create iconic structures that transcend the ordinary. 


Razvan Barsan + Partners offers design services, specializing in both architectural and interior design. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, we create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.


Razvan Barsan + Partners provides project management services, ensuring execution from inception to completion. We oversee every aspect of the project, from scheduling and budgeting to coordination and quality control. 


Razvan Barsan + Partners pioneers the intersection of architecture and the metaverse, offering metaverse architecture solutions. We leverage our expertise to design immersive and innovative spaces within the metaverse. 



Razvan Barsan + Partners is an award winning contemporary architecture firm, blending cutting-edge technologies and aesthetics. Step into a world where architectural excellence, visionary design, and ground-breaking innovation converge to redefine the future of living spaces. Discover our all-inclusive design services that cover every step, from the initial concept to on-site supervision. We handle projects of all sizes, including private homes, high-rise apartments, public and commercial buildings, offices, schools, and beautiful landscape designs.


At Razvan Barsan + Partners we weave together style and elegance as the driving force behind bringing functional and glamorous properties to life. We welcome you to a world where design is not just a feature but the very essence of living in style. Your design dreams are our top priority, and we're here to bring them to life with flair and finesse.


At Razvan Barsan + Partners we offer expert guidance and project assessment from start to finish, from initial briefing and site evaluation to concept planning, detailed design, and construction documentation. 


Explore a streamlined approach to project management, where we seamlessly guide designs from the drawing board to reality. At Razvan Barsan + Partners we carefully coordinate design standards with systems, technologies, materials, and suppliers, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.


At Razvan Barsan + Partners we provide custom solutions for town planning (P.U.Z.) and detail planning (P.U.D.), offering specialized consultancy not just during land acquisition but throughout the entire design process.


At Razvan Barsan + Partners we craft strong foundations for homes and public structures, our structural solutions span every design phase, from the initial concept to the technical and execution projects. We build with confidence, ensuring strength and efficiency every step of the way!


At Razvan Barsan + Partners we are creating and strategizing MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) engineering solutions for residential and public structures. Our main focus is on discovering environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient solutions that seamlessly integrate with the surroundings. 


At Razvan Barsan + Partners we are incorporating fire safety measures to mitigate risks and adhere to local regulations at the conceptual stage and offering documentation support during the permitting phase and assisting in the authorization procedure. 


"Metaverse" envisions a hypothetical version of the Internet: a singular, universal, and immersive virtual world crafted through virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. At Razvan Barsan + Partners, our approach is to apply the art and technique of designing structures within this immersive digital universe, where individuals can virtually engage with 3D models.


The history of our architecture firm was punctuated twenty years ago by Razvan Barsan, who has shaped the company into what it is today. Immediately from the beginning, RBP placed itself among the types of companies engaging in progressive architecture. Today, we are known for our courage to challenge norms, crafting spaces that defy convention. Our philosophy focuses on delivering architecture and design services that are innovative and sustainable, transcending traditional limits to unite communities. Each project reflects our commitment to understanding client needs and societal contexts, empowering our client’s ambitions, and creating memorable experiences. We aim to create enduring spaces that embrace environmental impact and social and economic platforms, positioning us as agents of positive change. Success hinges on the alignment of ideas, collaboration, communication, and energy within our team. Looking forward, we envision a future where architecture blends artistry, functionality, and environmental consciousness, transcending boundaries through collaboration and innovation. At Razvan Barsan + Partners, we invite you to be part of a community where architecture is a calling—a commitment to crafting spaces that inspire, uplift, and shape the world. Let’s create the spaces of your future together.




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