Architecture, Construction & Design Awards – Water to Wine | ACDA 2022

Our architecture firm has been honored with an esteemed award in the Mixed Use Concept category for our project “Water to Wine” by Rethinking the Future. For over a decade, Rethinking the Future has been at the forefront of recognizing and celebrating design talents globally, providing a platform for architects and designers to showcase their innovative ideas and projects.

The concept behind “Water to Wine” stems from a simple yet profound idea – the transformation of something ordinary into extraordinary. Just like the seed that grows into a tree, our project began with a inspiration. Through the integration of water, earth, and creative vision, we envisioned a space that transcends its physical form to evoke emotions and tell a story.

The narrative of our project speaks of the beauty of nature, the cycle of life, and the impact of human actions. We imagined a world where the beauty of a tree goes unnoticed, where greed and neglect strip away its vitality, leaving behind only a cold, lifeless structure.

But in our design, we sought to reclaim that beauty, to breathe life back into the forgotten tree. Through innovative architectural techniques and sustainable practices, we envisioned a space where nature and human intervention coexist harmoniously. The “Water to Wine” project is not just about creating a functional space; it’s about creating an experience – one that reconnects us to the essence of life and reminds us of our responsibility to nurture and protect our environment.

We are honored to be recognized by Rethinking the Future and look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence in the field of architecture.