Sustainable House

Sustainable House is situated in the south-eastern region of Romania – near the Black Sea, surrounded by plains and forest landscapes. The region has a diverse ecosystem – a variety of trees and flora, and this is reflected in the design theme. The architects maintain as many trees as possible and integrate them into a sustainable concept that blends naturally with exquisite views.

We chose high-end finishes such as fibre cement facades , aluminium joinery combined with rough metal pergolas for the open terraces and wooden decorations (made from the trees that couldn’t be rescued). The layout of the house embraces the terrain, dissolves the threshold between the interior and the exterior and features an array of transparent spaces configured around a central, evergreen courtyard – a beautiful, safe playground and a great relaxation space. The courtyard is further emphasised by two terracing boxes that float above the ground floor, that also work as frames for significant views.


Constanta - Romania