Mountain Majesty Residence

The house is located in a bohemian resort, at the foothills of the Carpathians. It used to be the favourite holiday destination for the royal family, who built here beautiful palaces inspired by traditional German architecture. The style became a source of inspiration for many of the houses built in Sinaia afterwards. In order to respect the town`s identity and tradition, we created a picturesque house that seems transposed from a medieval story. However, the traditional influences combined with contemporary elements create an up-to-date architecture that integrates harmoniously into the cultural and natural context.

The wide glazed areas, the rectangular volumes, the horizontal ribbons created by the windows and the wooden handrails, transform the mansion into a modern home, fitted for today`s comforts.

But the enchanting details – the mix between wood siding, cobblestone and wood shingles, the wooden decorations and sculptures, the arched windows, the curved slopes of the roofs and the metalwork that seems manufactured in a blacksmith`s workshop – add a romantic, nostalgic air to  the manor. The roofs create small interior and exterior hiding places in the lucarnes, balconies and terraces.

We created the perfect escape from reality that lures the inhabitants to daydream of past times and enjoy the spectacular view of the mountains.


Sinaia - Romania