Circle House

The shape of Circle House is inspired by the exoskeleton of a marine creature called a nautilus. Its coiled shell gave us the idea of arranging the interior along a spiralled path, creating a fluid and dynamic space. This layout generates skins of variable heights and materials (concrete, glass, metal and plaster), that transform into a curved, organic form.

On the ground floor, the living room is located in the centre of the organism, while the first curve occupied by the kitchen, the swimming pool and the outdoor terrace. The second curve accomodates a bedroom and a greenhouse, shaded by metal horizontal louvers. On the first level, a two-story library is positioned at the core, while the bedrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms are distributed radially from that centre. The pattern is repeated in the basement, where the nucleus surrounded by technical rooms hosts the cellar and the entertainment room.

This unconventional layout reinterprets the usual relationship between rooms. In a coiled layout all rooms benefit from natural light, shorter, more efficient walking paths and connections between the spaces. Moreover, the rooms are placed in an hierarchy along the interior, creating  smooth transitions from the exterior to the interior, from public to private, from the main spaces to the secondary ones and from extroverted to introverted areas.


Bucharest - Romania