Forest House 2

This building isn’t designed as a typical house, but as a meditation space protected by the forces of nature. It is a shelter camouflaged into the surroundings that allows its inhabitants to live connected with nature, far from the tensions of everyday life.

The simple, elegant lines of the facades emphasise the beauty of the landscape, without disturbing the harmony of the scenery. The metal structure create large openings, so the interior space is wrapped in glass sheets. In this way, the barriers between the built environment and the natural one de-materialise.

The home’s discreet presence on the site is given by the two levels/floors, as they follow the terrain’s natural slope. The private rooms are located on the partly buried inferior level, for more intimacy, and the shared spaces occupy the elevated part of the building, positioned perpendicular on the first one. The upper floor is completely transparent, allowing the interior to be flooded with sensations generated by nature.

The materials used – glass, exposed concrete, metal and wood – create a sense of weightlessness , while accentuating the difference between the modern finishes and the organic matter.



Cluj - Romania