Over the Trees House

Located in the vicinity of a picturesque grove, the house reconnects the two families that live here with nature.
The straight simple lines that define the volume contrast with the organic shapes of the vegetation, emphasising the modern architecture. The exterior materials also express the relation with the natural world: the upper floor is clothed in wood panels and the visible concrete on the ground floor still wears the traces of the wood cast. The natural finish on the first floor make it more visible, differentiating it from the volume below and integrating it into the landscape. These two materials define frames around the wide transparent areas that offer breathtaking views over the forest and the swimming pool.
The fact that two related families live here determined the layout of the interior spaces. As a result, the plan is symmetric, fluid and balanced, just like the overall shape. The house successfully brings together not only the built and the natural environment, but also three generations of parents, children and grandparents.


Graz - Austria