Earthsong Cabin

This picturesque lodge is inspired by a traditional way of living. The composition of volumes, the layout of the interior spaces, the finishes and the overall aspect remind us of simpler times, when people used to live closely connected to nature.

The design theme focused on building’s impact on the environment and its relationship with nature. Therefore, we chose local materials and techniques that also promote the preservation of traditional systems.

Just like in traditional buildings, the semi-basement is built with solid cobblestone that ensures the construction`s stability. The upper structure is made of thick logs with visible joints disposed horizontally, that maintain a comfortable interior temperature even during winter. The steep roof supports large amounts of snow, whereas the wooden shingles add a rustic tint to the ensemble. The structural elements have a strong visual impact on both interiors and exteriors, adding a sense of balance and durability.

Another traditional element is the hearth that represents the central point of the house. Fire brings people together, offering them protection, so the chimney located in the common space determines the layout of the interior spaces. We`ve created a safe and cozy environment that encourages the inhabitants to reconnect to nature and to themselves.


Perry Wood, Kent, England