Exotic House

The shape of the building is inspired by traditional architecture specific to warm tropical climates, including the materials for the facades and the layout of the interior and exterior spaces.
One of the most important issues was connecting these areas. The house opens to the outside through large glazed openings, transitional spaces that offer shading on sunny summer days. Therefore, the path towards the main entrance is covered by a pergola. Also, the living and the dining room open to a covered terrace, continued by an open one that leads to the swimming pool. The master bedroom placed on the first floor opens to a private terrace and to a common one also protected by a wooden pergola.
The interiors provide generous and fluid spaces that invite to interaction and relaxation. Aside from the dormitories, the upper level hosts a lecture room and a fitness area, encouraging a healthy lifestyle.
The mix of materials on the facades reminds of an ideal setting on a sunny beach. The natural appearance of the plants and robust wood elements create interesting light effects and add a sense of union with nature. The texture of the stone veneer, combined with the simplicity of the white surfaces and the transparency of the windows complement the natural components, generating a balanced and graceful aspect.


Bucharest - Romania