Prairie House

At the beginning of the 20th century pioneer architect Frank Lloyd Wright laid the bases for the prairie style. Characterised by simplicity and dramatic horizontal lines and masses, prairie houses are “products of their place, purpose and time” that fit harmoniously into the environment. Inspired by Wright`s work and ideas, we envisioned a contemporary home suited for a suburban location.

For the prairie house effect, we used a typical vocabulary of form, space and pattern. The elongated compact mass is emphasised by the prominent horizontal lines and prolonged, overhang terraces. The intersection with the smaller perpendicular volumes, as well as the shallow, sloping roofs accentuate the construction`s horizontality.  To preserve the clean, simple appearance we chose natural elements for the facades – stone veneer for the first floor and the smaller volumes, wood painted white for the top floor and natural timber for the shingles and shutters. The white upper part, alongside the extended roofs, seems to be floating on a sea of vegetation.

The plants that frame the building compliment the simplicity of the finishes, underlining its close relationship with nature.


Costa del Sol - Spain