Fictional Machine Home

Designing the interior of Fictional Machine Home to match its captivating character has presented a significant challenge. The architect had to breathe new life into the space and infuse it with the essence of the new owners – an adventurous, energetic couple with hybrid personalities bridging the past and science-fiction world.

The interior now resembles a room plucked from the pages of the fictional novel “Titus Alone” by Mervyn Peake. This setting depicts the adventures of a teenage boy awakening in an unfamiliar world within a castle blending traditional design with modern elements like glazed surfaces, pipes, and exposed technical equipment, all in a retro-futuristic style.

Preserving and integrating old decorative elements while incorporating metallic accents like silver ornaments and industrial furniture pieces has enhanced the space. The white decor symbolizing purity harmonizes with the warm touch of the white wooden floor, offering a gateway to another world through its final, rougher layer. Natural light floods the interior through expansive windows, complemented by unique lighting fixtures creating a cozy ambiance.

The indoor environment masterfully combines Victorian and futuristic styles, evident in the color schemes and design details. In the living and dining area, the architect combined an old brick wall, marble features, granite stairs, and vintage leather sofas to blend the two styles seamlessly.


Otopeni - Romania