Concrete Versus Nature Home

Concrete Versus Nature Home is designed as a space that challenges the boundaries between the interior space and the outdoors.
The surprisingly wide space overwhelms the visitor once he enters the house. The main spaces such as the living room, dining room and kitchen are brought together in a 200 sqm open space. The mix of materials and finishes, along with wide glass areas create a clean space and a luminous atmosphere.
The skylight in the ceiling draws natural light towards the bonsai bellow, turning it into a living sculpture. Its vivid green is the source of life in this space.
The whole interior is composed of rough materials such as concrete, marble and metal, complemented by natural elements – wood is brought by the bonsai near the skylight, natural stones surround the bonsai, while the chimney brings the fire inside. The mirror on the floor completes the idea of a natural habitat, as it takes the form of a mesmerising lake reflecting the woods simulated on the wallpaper.
Another interest point is the fireplace with its intimate, warm lights, and the circular furniture that follows the silhouette of the chimney. The bubble chair placed in this area brings a ludic spirit to the place.
The ceiling is of industrial inspiration with metallic beams left for the viewer to see, accentuated by the led light. At dawn the TV area becomes a home cinema with a projector and screen hidden in the ceiling. The ceiling structure gives a sense of equilibrium to the overall composition, but it manages to keep the viewer in a continuous search for details.


Dubrovnik - Croatia