Desert House

The building is located on a flat terrain, covered by wild vegetation, reminiscent  of a western movie. That is what inspired us to implement in our architecture, the chromatic and the emotions found in an arid scenery. Through this, the natural and the built environment potentiate each other.

The desert is expressed through earth-coloured materials, as metaphors for stillness and dryness. We coated the volumes in travertine boards and patches of corrugated metal. The tones and effects created by these materials give the impression that the house is located in a remote area, camouflaging into its surroundings. The waves on the travertine and the patterns of rust on the metal sheets continuously changing with the sunlight, remind us of sand dunes, endlessly shaping the landscape in the wind.

The choice of materials, the simple composition of straight rectangular volumes and the large glazed surfaces on partial facades, create a contemporary architecture that has the potential to send the viewer to a faraway setting.


Nevada - U.S.A.