Cube House

The single-family house project, with a floor area of ​​215 sqm, focuses on some clear directions established from the very beginning between the architect and the beneficiary.

From a functional point of view, the focus was on the fluidity of the interior spaces, and the organization of the living area best illustrates this concept. The aspect we were concerned with, in particular, was the visual communication between the interior spaces and the courtyard through the large glazed surfaces, positioned between the living area and the terrace. Aesthetically, I chose a clear and well-defined architectural language with simple volumes and a limited number of textures.

We explored the materiality of brick in various forms, also following an industrial-inspired aesthetic by joining metal pergolas and anthracite-grey carpentry. The upper register, simple, white and marked on the main facade by a single window, is positioned in a console over the lower volume, and the brick had the role of giving weight and meaning to this gesture with an aesthetic role. For reasons of privacy towards the street, but also to filter the sunlight, on the south side we used a tunnel detail made of brick that hides a window in the living area.

Without proposing a paradigm shift in terms of housing aesthetics, the project integrates and responds to the site conditions of a recent subdivision, where reference to a unitary architectural style was not an option.


Corbeanca - Romania


Anatol Struna


Hertz Studio