Cabin in The Woods

Located on the edge of the forest, at the base of the Carpathian Mountains, this guesthouse has a fairytale-like scenery where guests can enjoy the enchanting surroundings from the warmth of the fireplace.

Respect for nature and traditions guided us throughout the design process. We wanted to create an architecture that accentuates the natural surrounding’s beauty and peacefulness, aesthetically or physically.

The imposing mountains outside make one feel the need of a shelter from the forces of nature, so we felt the need to create a warm and protective environment.

We chose not only natural local materials, but also traditional techniques and elements that respond well to natural factors. The base of the cabin is covered with cobblestone cladding, just like the terraces and stairs correlated to the natural slope of the terrain, giving the construction a sturdy air. The upper floors, the roof and the balconies have a lighter structure made of visible wood, generating the iconic facades found in this area. Even the sculptured banisters evoke traditional patterns. The relatively small openings and the inclined slopes of the roofs keep the building resilient and warm during the long, harsh winters, so that guests can feel at home regardless of winds or snowstorms.


Sinaia - Romania