Work Playground GERSIM

Work & Playground is a workspace where the vibrant interplay of light and color plays a crucial role in personalizing the interior. By combining these two key elements, a playful design is crafted. The interior walls come alive with projections that animate lights and colors. Words displayed on the walls, resembling an RGB color diagram, infuse the space with a motivational vibe. Textured surfaces contribute to a dynamic environment fostering a sense of community among employees.

The final touches, colors, and textures add energy into the space, cultivating a lively atmosphere that enhances daily tasks for employees. Distinct lines on the floors, furniture, and ceiling define personal spaces for employees, allowing each individual to carve out their own cozy nook. Wire mesh panels on the ceiling soften the colorful abundance, while highlighting essential construction elements through the permeable surfaces, accentuated by vivid color lines.

Conference rooms are distinguished by green glass panels illuminated from within, complemented by wallpaper and white glass walls. The unique design of the wallpaper, featuring word patterns and a seemingly random arrangement, creates a sense of flow and continuity. The colorful LED lights projected on the main walls aid in the transition from work areas to relaxation zones, adapting to the employees’ needs.

This design reflects our belief that employees should feel a deep connection to their workspace, fostering a motivating, playful, and positive environment.


Bucharest - Romania


Stelian Popa