Harmony House

Offering a taste of traditional and modern at the same time, this family house in Corbeanca strikes the senses with its delicate simplicity. Tones of white and brown speak to us in a traditional language, the unity of materials forming a composition that is clear and easily readable from the outside. The two-ridged roof leitmotif indicates a clear intention of a housing unit that further reiterates the function of the ensemble, pointing to the main centers of family activity. Traditional tiles have been used to give a homey atmosphere, almost picturesque, while the window framing offers a refreshing look and showcases the duality of the ensemble. The white framing, belonging to the bedrooms and their additional commodities, offers a glimpse into the more traditional style alongside the framing decoration and together they speak of comfort and a peaceful state of mind and wellbeing. In contrast to this, the black framing housing the living room and kitchen indicates a modern way of living integrated into the daily active life of the family. This mild contrast is illustrated into the layout of the garden as well, populating certain points of interest with vegetation and leaving some others clear, but always having the human scale in mind.
The interior of the house is carefully separated into daily and nightly activities as the bedroom area can only be accessed from the ground floor. There is a separate staircase connecting the kitchen and the living room to the first floor on which a hobby room extends the day time activities of the family and guests. Furthermore, the night area carefully separates the sleeping area from the study areas, following the traditional way of living in which there is a clear line between active and rest times, while keeping in mind that modern times tend to merge the two together.
The housing unit reiterates the importance of remembering our heritage while keeping up with the times, balancing the two in a delicate and rational way.


Corbeanca - Romania


Anatol Struna