Wigwam Offices

This project serves as a social experiment, resembling a growing community that engages and evolves. The focus is on individuals, teams, and concepts, achieved through collective collaboration.

The design introduces unique elements in nearly every aspect, such as custom-made office desks featuring glass and perforated metal, lighting fixtures that complement desk shapes, glazed surfaces separating meeting rooms from individual offices, and perforations guiding visual flow along a dynamic line.

The design includes relaxation spaces near windows with divans and handmade lighting fixtures crafted by the team after office hours. The industrial feel is accentuated by concrete pillars and exposed, painted ventilation systems. Distinct features include cork wall coverings in exhibition areas and chalkboard paint in meeting rooms.

The overall outcome is a welcoming environment embraced by team members in their own distinctive ways.


Bucharest - Romania


Gabriel Hennessey