Skytower Lobby Design

Welcome to Skytower Lobby Design, a showcase of luxury and elegance that welcomes visitors with a timeless sense of sophistication. Stepping into this lavish environment, you are immediately immersed in a world of white shades and exquisite marble details, evoking a feeling of grandeur and class.

The design philosophy of Skytower Lobby revolves around luxury and exclusivity. The predominant white tones set a serene and sophisticated backdrop, while the marble’s beauty enhances the space with its sleek surfaces and intricate patterns, blending classical elegance with a contemporary touch.

Each element of Skytower Lobby aims to enhance the overall atmosphere and establish an ambiance of sophistication.

As you move through the area, you are met with expansive views and high ceilings that convey a sense of openness and grandeur. Natural light floods the lobby, illuminating the white surfaces and highlighting the beauty of the marble accents.


Pipera - Romania