Pestera SPA

Pestera SPA is part of Hotel Pestera which is located in Moroeni, on the Bucegi Plateau, at an altitude of 1600 m, placed in a spectacular landscape dominated by mountains and exciting hiking tracks.

Hotel Peştera has generous facilities, including the revitalized spa area, that brings a modern feel to the space.

An elevator and two staircases give access to the spa. There are also two dressing rooms opening into the beach area, where guests can enjoy a 16-meter long swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, showers and a sauna.

The pool is designed as an aquarium, with see-through glass and an overflow system.

Working with an existing space, it was not possible to renew the pool and bring the water closer to the floor level, so instead we raised the entire floor to create a space for the installation of the pool’s technical equipment. The architectural volume follows the existing structure and the paneling is used to level differences in height or wall thicknesses.

The lighting design follows simple lines, with diffused soffits for the ceilings and swimming pools. The finishes include large ceramic tiles that highlight the massive space.


Bucegi Mountains - Romania


Anatol Struna