Sincai Tower

The physical space influences people in direct and varied ways and it strongly impacts behaviour, socially and professionally. A public space can be viewed as the physical element that invites people to see or be seen, but it also stands as a vibrant object that can be consumed collectively by all the inhabitants of the city. An ideal public space is one that combines architectural meaning with philosophical significance.
A contemporary public space can be complex and fragmented, up to the point of becoming semi-public. The elements that render its semi-public character can range from the functions of hotels, of airports, malls, amusement parks, to business centres and their adjacent units.
The inherent need for a public space rises out of its useful role in socialisation, recreation and business activities. It becomes the basis for a balanced and coherent link between all the daily activities of the inhabitants.
This project proposes a business center developed on 24 levels, that balances light and colour as to create an enjoyable work space for the employees.
Positioned in a busy urban area, the building represents not only an urban landmark but also a unique vertical element. Found right at the centre of the intersection, it becomes strikingly visible and it catches the attention of pedestrians and incoming traffic.


Bucharest - Romania