Hyatt Hotel

The architecture of this hotel stands out through its aesthetic and functional volume, with an exclusive and design. Regardless of style – luxury hotel in this case, the architecture and design project focuses on integrating the building in the natural landscape, in the morphology of the place, without compromising technological innovations that can create unique experiences for the guests. Dynamic and modern lines of the exterior volume create forms that integrate with the site, playing with multiple levels and corners and green sustainable spaces that reflect the surrounding and catch the eye’s attention.

The interior design of the hotel demands quality design for the guest rooms lobby and the reception area; the goal is to create sumptuous and spectacular decors. The layout plan also considers the shared spaces – sophisticated hallways and modern reception areas, event spaces that blend hospitality with the newest technology. The main design elements – modern finishes such as metal structures and glass outline the contemporary style and makes the building uniquely dedicated to the idea of innovation in the new century.


Bucharest - Romania