Radiant Heights Office Building

The complex consists of three building units which functions as a whole. The first unit, with a built area of 1700 square meters, accommodates the DGIT area and DGV, while the second unit, with a built area of 1000 square meters, contains ANAFs office spaces. The two units are linked by a connecting body, which on the ground floor takes the form of an atrium that directs traffic flow, while at the upper level functions as a vertical circulation and connection point.
The main entrance is placed in the atrium, connecting the other two units of the building. From here, circulation flows and is redirected towards different areas of the building.
The main functions include employee’s offices, general management and director’s staff, conference rooms, reception areas. The entire first floor belongs to DGIT and access is secured and monitored.
The facades are designed with a system of curtain walls, metal structures and closings made of thermal glass. Glazed areas ensure optimal daylight and allow for the interior spaces to be observed from the outside. The building’s character is shaped by its inclined structural elements that give rhythm and dynamism to the facades. These adjustable elements also protect the interior space from direct sunlight.


Bucharest - Romania