Parkside Horizon

Parkside Horizon is a prominent public park situated in the heart of Bucharest, defining the essence of the Herestrau region. Central to its design philosophy is the seamless integration of natural elements with contemporary architectural features, inspired by the fluidity and beauty of nature.

At the core of Parkside Horizon lies a majestic river, bestowing the area with an idyllic charm and serving as a focal point for visitors. This natural watercourse not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also fosters a serene and inviting ambiance throughout the park.The park’s design ethos revolves around fostering community engagement and revitalizing the surrounding landscape. A diverse array of recreational facilities caters to varying interests, including children’s playgrounds, sports arenas, performance stages, and scenic pathways for running and cycling. Ensuring inclusivity, the park boasts accessible infrastructure, accommodating individuals with disabilities and promoting universal access.
Distinct zones within Parkside Horizon offer multifaceted experiences, ranging from vibrant market spaces to tranquil picnic areas and camping grounds. Administrative facilities, along with a cafeteria featuring an open terrace overlooking the serene lake, enhance the park’s functionality and visitor experience.
A cornerstone of the park’s design is its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. By integrating eco-conscious practices and renewable energy solutions, Parkside Horizon sets a precedent for responsible urban development.
Embracing versatility, the park remains accessible year-round, with the flexibility to adapt its amenities to seasonal demands. This adaptability ensures that Parkside Horizon remains a dynamic and vibrant destination, evolving with the needs of its community.

Parkside Horizon’s distinctive architectural forms, characterized by fluid lines and dynamic geometries, infuse the northern region of Bucharest with a sense of vitality and modernity. By blending natural landscapes with innovative design concepts, the park transcends conventional boundaries, ushering in a new era of urban rejuvenation and cultural enrichment.


Bucharest - Romania