Ludic Architecture | Kindergarden

The kindergarten is located near Bucharest, in a developing residential area. It can accommodate up to 70 children, including for long day care. The building was envisioned as an indoor playground, where children feel encouraged to learn and discover, to experiment, to play and interact.
A communal covered space connects the scattered classrooms, each in the form of a miniature wood house. This way, children feel more comfortable in a space that fits their size and they are likely to form deeper bonds, as the separated classrooms offer more privacy. Each unit is directly connected to the exterior in order to promote outdoor activities.
Light played an important role in the overall configuration, as we consider that well lit rooms are key for a harmonious development. Skylights and wide glazed curtain walls flood the interiors with light and allow natural ventilation. A system of wooden louvers and panels controls the amount of light and adds dynamicity to the ensemble.
We wanted children to feel as if they are entering a different kind of space, a magical one created especially for them. The ludic design gives kids more chances to be creative and spontaneous in order to make the best of what may be the most beautiful stage in their lives.


Corbeanca - Romania