Napa Winery

Our client’s winery also increases the visibility and attractiveness of the region by creating integrated touristic circuits to the archaeological sites and enchanting villages nearby.
In the design process we came across three essential challenges concerning the way the building integrates into the surroundings, the manner in which the technological processes influence the shape of the building and the means to attract visitors.
The composition represents a subtle reference to the undulating hills in the vicinity. The metal frame structure enclosed in concrete shells breaks the monotony of the long facade required by the technological process, adding dynamism and rhythmicity to the volume. This arrangement allows natural light to reach the interiors which can`t otherwise be lit directly. The visitors enter the building through its most interesting section that exhibits barrels and wine collections, and from which they can admire the landscape through a wide transparent frame. They are afterwards invited to visit the rest of the factory and the vineyard, and of course, to learn about and witness wine making.


Napa Valley, California - USA