Arsenal Office Building

Many buildings dating back to the communist period have been abandoned or neglected, contributing to the “grey atmosphere” often linked to Bucharest. It is the case of a building located on the 13 Septembrie Boulevard, which was abandoned after it was declared a high risk construction.
The project allows the building to be a part of the city once more, after going through a complex process of refurbishment, façade remodeling, functional conversion and addition of new stories.
The tall lobby will be surrounded by glazed walls that will add an inviting look to the ground floor. The upper levels will offer conference rooms, multipurpose rooms, open-space offices, as well as private ones.
The old dull facades will be cladded with modern finishes, such as masonry and apparent concrete. The horizontal metal profiles will emphasize the tall floors, as well as the glazed openings. The horizontal louvers surrounding the added floors will mark the intervention.


Bucharest - Romania