Razvan Barsan + Partners is an award-winning architectural firm specializing in design, interior design, engineering, project management and general planning, with a diversified portfolio in the public, commercial, retail, resort and hotel industry. We are addressing an educated public, aware of an architect’s role in creating landmarks.
The architecture of a hotel, resort, mountain cabin, urban or boutique hotel is the result of a close collaboration between architects, designers, engineers and specialists in the field, creating in this way an aesthetic and functional volume – with an exclusive and a relevant design, compatible with the authorization and execution process, as well as with the investment and business plan.
Regardless of the type of investment – luxury hotel, boutique guesthouse or traditional guesthouse, the architecture and design project focuses on integrating the building in the natural landscape, in the morphology and history of the place. The dynamic lines of the exterior volume tend to create forms that integrate with the site, an organic architecture that interacts with the environment and stimulates the guests.
The architecture of a hotel or guesthouse demands quality design for the guest rooms and apartments as well as for other spaces like the reception area; the goal is to create intimate, elegant and sumptuous decors. The layout plan also considers the shared spaces – sophisticated hallways, welcoming restaurants, modern receptions and lobby, event and conference rooms. The extensions dedicated to recreation areas emerges as high-end facilities necessary for tourists, bringing an edge to the business – wellness and SPA centers, saunas, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, open terraces with views to the landscaped gardens.
The main design elements – natural finishes such as wood and stone, but also modern finishes such as concrete, metal structures and glass facades outline the style and architecture of these dedicated buildings.


Sirnea - Romania