Freelo stands for challenge – challenging nature, the physical laws, the technical limitations and, most importantly, challenging and exploring one`s limits. For the architects the biggest dare was that of expressing the “freelosophy” through architecture. Given the international character of the project, we had to envision a design that would become synonymous with the brand, a trademark that could be recognized by everyone. This way, the project can be replicated and reinterpreted in various places on the globe and still maintain its identity.
The largest building is the one hosting the semi-olympic pool and the indoor surfing area. A structural framework made of concrete pillars and metal girders defines this prismatic space enclosed by transparent curtain walls. The spectacular roof can be admired from the inside as all its structural elements have been left visible. An elaborated network of metallic cubes suspended on a steel frame becomes a second skin of the volume, separating it from the exterior.
The modules take over the entire building, transforming it and shaping its silhouette. The pattern thus generated not only creates a playful effect that adds dynamism to the volume, but also defines the identity of the building, transforming it into a landmark. The LEGO-like system with tessellated modules can be replicated in any other location, therefore becoming the symbol of the complex.
The gourmet restaurant and the boutique hotel are located in a smaller building defined by a different design. This time the volume takes a more organic shape with curved edges that allow visitors to observe the outdoors from wherever they are.
The last building hosting the vertical wind tunnel posed the most problems due to the technical issues it implies and the fact that it`s the first building of this sort in Romania. In order to incorporate the engine the infrastructure goes as low as 21m underground.


Chitila - Romania