Flight House Interior

In this project, at the interior level, the spaces have been redesigned to cater to the needs of a young family while showcasing an Industrial and Nordic style.

Access the premises through the spacious ground floor unit, which serves as the designated day area.

The vestibule is delineated from the kitchen by a series of vertical metal elements, guiding visitors towards the living space.

The living area has been expanded by approximately 20 square meters, featuring extensive glazing with aluminum frames for natural light and panoramic views of the terrace from all angles.

The upper floor acts as a bridge connecting the two ground floor units, allowing access to both.

Descending to the smaller unit, you reach the terrace level. This distinct volume serves as a secluded space, housing a hobby room and a bathroom.

Neutral colors dominate the space, with furniture and decorative items adding splashes of color. Custom wood furniture, large ceramic tiles, and metallic elements complement the style, seamlessly integrating into the overall design concept.


Buftea - Romania


Anatol Struns


300 sqm