Crown Towers

The project is located on Daniel Danielopolu Street, in the immediate vicinity of key landmarks such as Nordului Road, Herăstrău Park and the Aviației neighborhood. Through its ultra-premium architecture and ultrahigh-end concept, Crown Towers itself becomes a landmark and a symbol of the area and imposes a new architectural standard for this type of building.

Crown Towers will represent a label for the community of successful people. The tower buildings will rise like a symbol for the city, through each displayed detail, starting from the futuristic and unique façade and to the last peculiarity of the whole concept of <fine living> that one wants and expects.

This residential project will have a complex mix of functions brought together for a high standard living: location in the northern part of the Romanian capital, statement architecture, fully integrated smart-home system, business center, restaurants and cafes, fitness room, private pool with luxury amenities, dedicated ultra-quality SPA, charging stations for electric cars etc. The project has a harmonious balance between function and aesthetics. The transparency of the overall design of the towers was used as a starting point for the SPA Area. The Spa area allows a feeling of calmness and natural rhythm. It is the perfect place to relax in this exclusive part of the city.


Bucharest - Romania