Atlas Copco Offices

Atlas Copco offices in Bucharest are located on a 450-square-meter metal structure. The color scheme, comprising white, gray, blue, and black, aligns with the company’s concept.

To cater to the company’s requirements, a concept and fit-out were designed to ensure optimal working conditions. Access is provided through a metal ladder leading to a spacious waiting area. This area stands out with a lighter color palette and a raised level compared to the office space. Although it seems connected to the open-space area, it is separated by a light glass partition, creating a distinct ambiance. The 3D gypsum panels add a dynamic touch.

The office and plaza area maintain a consistent design with aluminum LED lighting, 3D panels, and furniture as space accents. The concept extends to the conference rooms, ensuring coherence across all spaces.


Bucharest - Romania


Anatol Struna