Above Interiors

As you enter Above Interiors, you’re greeted by a palette that exudes warmth and sophistication.

The interior design revolves around a soothing combination of wood, beige, and nude tones, creating a serene atmosphere that feels both luxurious and welcoming. These neutral shades serve as the foundation of the space, providing a backdrop for the interplay of light and texture throughout.

Touches of white add brightness and airiness to the apartment, amplifying the sense of space. Expansive windows allow natural light to filter in, illuminating the interior and highlighting the beauty of the neutral color palette.

But it’s the subtle accents of light yellow and light orange that truly elevate the design, adding a sense of energy and vitality into the space.

From the sleek wooden floors to the plush furnishings and carefully selected decor, every element in Above Interiors is chosen with intention, creating a cohesive and inviting living environment.


Bucharest - Romania