Young Concept House

Young Concept House lays on a metal structure that allows wider openings and cantilevered volumes.

Volumetric dynamic is expressed through window cuttings as well as through choice of materials  – wood, stone, glass, metal that cover each volume in a different manner.

The house is made of three prismatic volumes placed upon each other and oriented in a different direction. The back facade is opened toward the courtyard that has a pool and is rich in vegetation. The windows with generous dimensions bring light to both the living room and the main bedroom above.

The light gives the space a spectacular dimension.


Razvan Barsan + Partners is a 3rd time winner of World Architecture Awards. For the 20th cycle – August 2015 we were awarded the honorary member’s prize for remarkable residential buildings.

The winning project, “Young Concept”, is a dynamic and vibrant home designed for an adventurous young couple.


Bucharest - Romania


Razvan Hairum