0000 Water to Wine

“Long ago, a seed of an idea emerged. When the seed encountered water and earth, it sprouted roots and two delicate leaves. After many years, those leaves blossomed into a magnificent tree. Unfortunately, its beauty remained unseen, its tale unheard, and due to greed, it was deprived of its essential elements – water turned red and earth became dust. As a result, beauty transformed into a mere concept. Gradually, its beauty faded into a cold, lifeless iron structure.”

This tells the tale of Water to Wine, an almost heavenly space where a sea of white engulfs the inside, enhancing the serene atmosphere. There is a great beauty in the antithesis of the iron, rough texture of the exterior and the peaceful, heavenly and delicate interior. The winery interior seems to shield the last remaining goodness from the tragic and harsh reality outside.


Stellenbosch, South Africa | Available in METAVERSE


ACDA 2022