Two Unit House

The project’s concept focuses on elegance through simplicity, blending sleek lines with a neutral color palette for the exterior. Careful consideration of functionality and practicality has shaped the evolution of the villa’s plan, resulting in diverse spaces tailored to the user’s specific desires. Two distinct volumes characterize the design, adding complexity to the structure while maintaining a unified look.
The exterior features vertical divisions of stones and wood juxtaposed with timber cladding, infusing warmth and sophistication. Large glass windows overlook the garden, allowing natural light to flood the interior. Solid surface cladding ensures privacy and safety while creating intriguing solid-void encounters with daylight.
To add an extra artistic touch the facade incorporates abstract points that can be likened with rain drops. These characters are arranged to create a sense of rhythm and progression across the exterior, visually obstructing enclosed spaces toward the neighborhood.
To infuse an additional artistic element, the facade incorporates a steel panel with abstract points reminiscent of raindrops. These characters are strategically arranged to evoke a sense of rhythm and progression across the exterior, while also serving to visually obscure enclosed spaces from the neighborhood. During the day, natural light penetrates the perforated screens, casting dynamic shadows, while artificial lighting illuminates the facade at night, further enhancing its transformation throughout the day.


Riga - Latvia