Two Sisters Houses

Two sisters decided to go back to living in their childhood home along with their families – Two Sisters Houses, therefore the project gave us the opportunity of bringing families and generations together. Unfortunately, by the time this decision was made the old house had turn to ruins, so we also faced the challenge of integrating the remaining walls into the new design.

As the building is meant for two families, we envisioned two different houses that function independently, but are connected by a series of terraces, patios and pergolas that create cozy common spaces ideal for spending time together. The private spaces, such as the dormitories, are comprised in solid volumes with small openings for intimacy reasons, whereas the common ones are surrounded by wide transparent surfaces that flood the interiors with light. The windows also reveal views towards the idyllic hillside set.

We`ve chosen classical natural materials, such as wood, stone, bricks and plaster, that blend harmoniously on the two houses, thus creating a balanced composition. Some of the original decorations have been reconditioned and added to the new walls. The pergolas accentuate the horizontality of the composition, allowing the complex to fit into the landscape.

By combining classical and contemporary materials and by reinterpreting the architectural style of the old house, we`ve created a harmonious set where the two families can live close to nature and to their childhood memories.



Cluj - Romania