Suburban Retreat

Suburban Retreat responds to urban living’s bigges challenges, as we see them today – creating spaces that enable community bonds, and at the same time, giving residents as much intimacy as possible while in their homes. The project is situated in the rapidly developing area adjacent to Bucharest – Baneasa – where, residential areas still enjoy a quiet and green environment.

The outdoor space is designed to emphasize the urbanistic approach – having the apartment blocks face all three adjacent streets and embrace a central garden. This garden is partially sunk – creating room for private gardens belonging to the semibasement apartments on the south side – and a dynamic green landscape.

The design concept emerges from the emphasis put on the rigorous structure – a simple and clean grid forms a stable and strong, yet subtly playful base, from which a dynamic puzzle of boxes emerges. This façade play is also a reflection of the interior layout, having the boxes host duplexes with double height terraces and good sun exposure – encouraging clients to design them as green as possible. Having duplex apartments also grants variety in apartment layout, in response to client’s different lifestyles and living arrangements. While the main facades of each unit are extremely open, the laterals are very opaque, thus creating visual intimacy.


Chicago - USA