Stem City Skyscraper

Stem City Skyscraper reinterprets traditional living spaces in the context of overpopulated cities, where building land and green areas have decreased drastically over the past years. We defined a vertical city that ensures both the advantages of a traditional, horizontal layout and the solution for land efficiency in regard to size and environment.
For more privacy and optimal, natural lighting the apartments are located in the “petals” of the tower, and the public activities that define a city are grouped around the core. The areas designed for offices, entertainment, sports, healthcare and alimentation are distributed uniformly along the stem. The mixed-use and high-rise development ensures the residents higher living standards, allowing at the same time a space for public interaction, like a city within a city.
The skyscraper’s design juxtaposes two floor volumes shaped like 5-petaled flowers. Each floor revolves around the central axis at an angle of 45 degrees from the story below, creating an interesting pattern of optimal light, both for the exterior and the central spaces.
The plants inspire not only the shape, but also the tower ‘functionality. Similarly to a living organism, the building makes the best of the natural conditions – ex. through green roofs, having a minim impact on the environment. Just as plants live through photosynthesis, the tower captures sunlight and transforms it into clean energy with the help of photovoltaic panels distributed on the facades. Also, the turbines placed on the higher levels convert wind power into electricity.


Doha - Qatar