The design concept of the residential house centers around the focal point of the yard, strategically housing the living spaces. A notable feature is the terrace, creating an inviting atmosphere for gatherings and adding uniqueness to the house’s exterior. Decorative elements and plants adorn the spaces, seamlessly blending with the surroundings.

The villa’s exterior showcases corten cladding on the first floor and glass walls at ground flour, providing privacy while regulating light ingress. A harmonious color palette of grey and brown complements the context, with floor-length glazing adding a modern touch and offering panoramic views of the landscape. This transparency allows occupants to experience the changing weather and seasons from within.

A roof, clad in darker tiles than the corten exterior, adds hierarchy to the building’s silhouette. Surrounding landscaping enhances tranquility, offering a soothing effect. The upper floor area overlooks lush greenery, providing a serene oasis for relaxation. Wide windows optimize views, enhancing the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.


Mexico City - Mexico