Shades of Black Apartment

This interior design is part of an extensive renovation project encompassing a spacious home. It draws inspiration from a series of narratives and emotions that the clients wished to incorporate into their daily lives.

Guided by a theme of “dark silk,” the design symbolizes the seamless transition between different areas of the house through dark hues and robust materials. By combining cold textures with warm elements, a comfortable and welcoming interior was crafted.

The Garage: The narrative unfolds with a depiction of the northern lights on the garage floor. Vibrant epoxy resin colors are complemented by micro cement wall finishes and visible metallic structures, illuminated with LED strips. These elements not only ensure a smooth flow into the next space but also create a designated “man’s cave” for the homeowner to indulge in creative pursuits, particularly music. The adjacent dining room, adorned similarly, is separated by a travertine panel crafted from metal bars, infusing a touch of Gothic aesthetics into the home.

The ground floor is fashioned as a grand library, featuring towering shelves adorned with characters from global tales. Sliding metal stairs, highlighted in red, facilitate access to the high shelves, adding a pop of color to the space. Leveraging the room’s mid-floor layout and expansive windows shaded by metallic blinds, the design maximizes vertical space and natural light.

The sleeping quarters are divided between the first floor and the attic loft. Each bedroom boasts a distinct theme, ranging from urban cosmopolitan settings, exemplified by skyscraper wallpaper, to industrial-inspired decor featuring wood and metallic accents.


Bucharest - Romania


Anatol Struna

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