Office Building Interior

Office Building Interior consists of three building units that function as a whole. The two main units of the building that contain ANAF’s office spaces, are connected by a third body which takes the form of an atrium.
The building functions as an office space, but it also includes a reception area, a registry hall, conference halls and videoconference rooms for various consultants and waiting rooms.
The space intended for the offices benefits from natural light and further allows direct visual link with the various sectors of the building and with the outside . Thus, the interior spaces generate a pleasant environment that provides favourable working conditions for the employees, promoting communication and efficiency.
For the landscape design the architects use traditional trees and flowers, linden trees and chestnuts specifically that could purify the air and aesthetically impress the visitors. During the summer the trees will provide shade and fresh air, while during the winter, the fallen leaves will allow natural daylight to invade the interior of the building.


Milan - Italy