Neoclassic Walnut Apartment

Neoclassic Walnut Apartment is a residential apartment that embodies the fusion of unique design concepts with our client’s personal narrative. The key to this project is our furniture selection and blend of wood and marble walls. We’ve chosen clean-lined designs, opting for low-profile yet elegant couches, chairs, and tables that resonate with neoclassic style that еvokеs a sеnsе of timеlеss, polishеd еlеgancе. Lighting fixtures like pendant lights add contemporary touches, while walls bring in textural contrast.
Every finish, texture, and material in Neoclassic Walnut has been selected with care, ensuring elegance in simplicity. The furniture and accessories emphasize the beauty of form and structure, characterized by symmetry, clean lines, and a balanced design approach. Our color palette predominantly features white, cream, and soft pastels, complemented by the natural sophistication of wood and marble, creating a refined and elegant atmosphere.
Each room, from the living area to the personal office, tells a part of the homeowner’s story. Neoclassic Walnut is a dream house turned into a home for our clients in Barcelona.


Barcelona - Spain