Nestled on the tranquil Anuanurunga island in French Polynesia, the Monarch project is a stunning tribute to the majestic butterfly and the profound concept of metamorphosis. Comprising four remarkable structures that mirror the grace and beauty of these winged creatures, Monarch enchants visitors with its seamless blend of artistry and natural beauty.

Perched on the lush landscape overlooking the Pacific Ocean’s azure waters, each Monarch structure embodies transformation, symbolizing the journey from modest beginnings to great heights. These architectural structures evoke wonder and magic, encouraging exploration and contemplation.

At the core of the Monarch project lies a profound message of renewal and rebirth, echoing the natural life cycles that define the lush French Polynesian landscapes. From the gentle rustle of palm leaves to the melodious songs of indigenous birds, every aspect of the Monarch project radiates harmony and peace.


French Polynesia - Anuanurunga