Mediterranean House

Welcome to our Mediterranean House in Corbeanca, Romania where you can immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of Mediterranean architecture with our stunning completed project, located in the enchanting town of Corbeanca, Romania. This exquisite house showcases a harmonious blend of traditional Mediterranean design elements and contemporary aesthetics, creating a captivating oasis that exudes elegance and serenity.

The Mediterranean House proudly boasts a striking white and brick facade, a hallmark of Mediterranean architecture. The combination of pristine white walls and warm, earthy brick accents creates a visually pleasing contrast, reflecting the region’s sun-soaked landscapes. This timeless design choice not only enhances the house’s curb appeal but also pays homage to the architectural heritage of the Mediterranean.

Every detail of the Mediterranean House has been meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle. From the graceful arches and ornate wrought iron balconies to the charming terracotta roof tiles, every aspect has been thoughtfully designed to transport you to the sun-kissed coasts of the Mediterranean.

Step into tranquility as you enter the Mediterranean House’s expansive garden, a true sanctuary of peace and natural beauty. A vast sea of fragrant lavender stretches out before you, infusing the air with its soothing aroma. Take leisurely strolls along the cobblestone pathways, allowing the delicate lavender blooms to captivate your senses. This verdant oasis provides the perfect setting for outdoor gatherings, relaxation, and quiet contemplation.

Beyond its captivating exterior, the Mediterranean House offers an interior that seamlessly blends form and function. The spacious rooms are bathed in natural light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance throughout. High ceilings adorned with intricate wooden beams and elegant archways add to the Mediterranean charm, while modern amenities and luxurious finishes provide the utmost comfort and convenience.


Corbeanca - Romania