Manhattan Tower

The Manhattan Tower is a mixed-use design concept in New York, USA, featuring an office building, luxury hotel, and commercial spaces. Its innovative design challenges traditional notions of private and public spaces, aiming to create a dynamic environment for working professionals, urbanites, and families.

Inspired by the imagery of a vertical belt of jewels connected by sky gardens, the Manhattan Tower redefines spatial experiences within an urban setting. Bold lines and lighting reflect the energy of the city, while a focus on work-life balance introduces lifestyle and recreational spaces alongside retail areas. The development serves as a hub for energy-related businesses, aligning with the city’s economic goals.

The tower’s design prioritizes eco-friendly principles to provide environmental benefits and enhance the city’s branding. By incorporating sky gardens on every level, the development promotes green spaces and adds vibrancy to the urban fabric. Additionally, the layout challenges traditional office typologies, creating a seamless blend of public and private spaces.

Situated in New York, the Manhattan Tower serves as a landmark in the city’s skyline, symbolizing innovation and sustainability in urban development.


New York - U.S.A.