Lines Tower

Situated in Manhattan, New York, this building’s facade design draws inspiration from the architectural language commonly found in skyscrapers, reflecting the city’s unique urban fabric. Comprising a base and tower, the building seamlessly merges modernity with classical elements.

Skyscrapers are integral to the identity of New York City, each carrying its own narrative that resonates differently with observers. The base of the building, with its rectangular volume, integrates proportionally with the overall composition, blending traditional and contemporary styles. The lower levels feature refined, traditional forms that harmonize with the surroundings, while the sleek design of the tower embodies technological advancement.

The glass facade, reflecting the sky and allowing views of the interior floor lines, captures the essence of the city’s aesthetics, creating a visually striking design. Every detail of the development has been carefully considered to honor the classic architecture of old buildings while setting new standards for the future of urban design.


Manhattan, New York - USA