Le Boutique Restaurant Revival

Le Boutique Restaurant Revival is a place where you can feel at home and eat exceptional food in the same time.
For this restaurant located near the Bucharest center it was wanted a design revival and a plan reconfiguration to make room for extra table seats.
With a more temperate theme then the one for the initial design, it was created a different access area, with a new reception and a small wardrobe. From the reception you can enter the large hall in which the environment was changed through the replacement of the wine showcases from the walls with new ones, the chairs and sofas reupholstery , the add of small light accents and the bar moved to another smaller room which connects the large hall with the terrace.
For the lighting we decided on a warm, diffuse light, illuminated in the furniture and signage elements.
In the restaurant revival we managed to keep some elements from the old interior design like the wood ceiling, the floor, a few lighting fixtures and two walls decorated with sectioned wood elements, this time highlighted through light accents.


Bucharest - Romania


Anatol Struna